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Enjoy a Worry-free Me!

Hello, friends!

You can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on a television newscast, or scroll through your computer’s home page without unleashing a deluge of negativity.  Yes, I’m speaking of the daily dose of bad news that seems to be readily available and pouring from every media faucet on the planet.  There is no wonder that most people I know are up to their armpits in worry.  Do you blame them?  Is there truly a way to be “worry-free?”



What, me worry?

Worry, by most accounts is considered an emotion.  Dr. Wayne Dyer will tell you it is a “useless emotion,” as he refers to both worry and guilt.  Labeling either as “useless” may be inappropriate, as emotions are valuable to the human existence.  Emotions are to the brain as condiments are to a hamburger.  They add flavor and spices to an otherwise mundane and ordinary life’s journey.  Is there a potential danger from worry?  Possibly, however, worry usually takes the form of a “gentle nudge” from your brain.  If one were to experience something more substantial and possibly overpowering, what you have may be chronic and might lead to fear instead of worry.  This would require intervention by a professional counselor for assistance.


Cheer up!

Many people automatically begin to worry when they hear bad news, as if they possess some type of a “Pavlov’s dog of precognition.”  Unfortunately, good news doesn’t attract viewers or we would hear more stories about the people that did not perish in wars or accidents.  What do people worry about the most?  Studies show that weight and appearance “weighs” in at the top of the list.  What can a person do to cope with worry?  Try any of these five tips:

    • Prepare – Being well prepared for an exam or presentation removes worry from your mind. 
    • Keep busy – When you are idle, you have too much time to think about what makes you nervous. 
    • Self-help – Ask yourself “what is the worst that can happen?”  Convince yourself that you can manage what is happening. 
    • Relax – Stay calm.  Consider the use of soft, soothing music, yoga and peaceful surroundings. 
    • Stay healthy – Get plenty of rest, watch your diet and exercise regularly.


My favorite quote on worry comes from Mark Twain, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”  Do yourself a large favor and “control what you can control.”  You will find that most worries are truly outside your command.


With that, friends, I’ll leave you with this;

You’ve got to SEE positive to BE positive!


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